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I have a graduate degree in Sustainable Design (MCAD – Minneapolis School of Art and Design) and believe wholeheartedly that designers are key to the development of products and systems that will not only alleviate the current pressure on the environment, but move us toward a sustainable future for all species and the planet.

I have been a designer for more than 23 years. I have also been a bartender, a music promoter, the director of a field marketing office, and a retail store owner. I am not afraid to get messy, make a mistake or go in an unexpected direction as optimum results can be achieved through experimentation (which I find fun!). I am a passionate maker and builder of things and solutions, and figure out how to prototype any idea with an open mind and heart. I am part science, part art, part communicator on a never-ending quest for knowledge. I have advanced each time I failed, and found that every experience, in every moment of life, has value. As a designer I am a student of the human experience – which means I am intensely curious and always thinking, plotting and scheming. There is so much to observe and learn, and so little time. I explore, research and wonder more than most … which means I sleep less than most. Not only do I find great visual beauty in the patterns around us, I find solutions in patterns of behavior, communities, ecosystems … the cycles and the systems in which we exist.

I am making things happen as the President of Southeast Michigan Sustainable Business Forum (SMSBF) for 2013.

 And I am also a card carrying member of the Detroit AIGA.