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systems thinking Archives - Sarah Jane Maki

Sustainable Design Can Save the Planet

I am a huge advocate of the idea that designers are the key to a sustainable future for people and the planet. Everything created on the Earth passes through the hands of a designer, be that a business card, a product package, a hospital bed, an office building, a light rail system or a city park – all are created by a designer. As such, we have – all of us (engineers, graphic designers, architects, industrial designers, interior designers, etc.) – a huge responsibility to learn as much as we can about the principals of sustainability and apply them to our projects. Just one product made in a sustainable way can save the ecosystem untold stress.
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Sustainable Development: A designer and an architect protest.

On 20, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In ecosystems, human condition, Natural Capital, systems thinking | By Sarah Jane

There exists a seemingly overwhelming number of facets to sustainability. It literally touches every aspect of our daily lives. Most of us are barely aware we are a part of a web of life, we have become so removed from it. In the macro view, sustainability is about people (humanitarianism), money (economics) and the planet (environmentalism). In the micro view, it is about urban poverty, conflict minerals, invasive species, persistent chemicals, national birth rates, fair labor practices, financial markets, social justice, clean water, agricultural practices and an exhaustive list of topics that relate to the human condition and the ecosphere.
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As obsessions go, I have my share. Like most women, I can lose all common sense when presented with a great pair of boots (past: Naya Quail) or the perfect fragrance (currently: Tokyo Milk 02 Le Petit), but I also have some unlikely and unique interests that may raise an eyebrow to the uninitiated. The most recent of which is a tiny little obsession with diatoms.

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