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Ideas and fun

On 14, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In design, design thinking, Sarah Jane Maki, sustainability | By Sarah Jane

I have long wanted to create a space that combined my inspirations, work, rantings and wanderings into one place. This site is that space. Finally I have found (I believe) a nice space to collect the combination of my interests and talents, my adventures and my aspirations. The goal when creating was to make it fun, carefree, light-hearted but informative. It may seem a little busy and scattered, but that is how I roll these days.  I have an enthusiasm for all things designed and created and those interests constantly buzz around and bump into each other.

I am an environmentalist and care deeply about not only HOW things are made, but where they go when their useful life is over.

I am a humanitarian and believe that without empathy and compassion our society is doomed, or at the very least in big, big trouble (Easter Island?). So I try to practice compassion and I try to avoid judgement. It’s harder than it sounds some days. I think life is too short to be unhappy or unproductive. I have a theory that goes something like this – “A side effect of doing good for others is you’ll be a happier person.” Really, how could you not?  Simple right? It is. And that is why I am raising my hand as high as I can, shaking it like a flag and jumping up and down in my seat. I want to do good things! I want to save the planet and help it’s people!

Idealistic? Perhaps. But we are living in a world that is undergoing fundamental and rapid economic, environmental, and social change. Serious issues that we simply cannot avoid any longer.  We all have to start somewhere, and I have never been one to think small. I can use my talent as a designer and a strategic thinker to tackle some of the most complex problems that face our society today. I have that power. I can create change!

We can all, in our own way and with our unique talents, affect change.

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